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Armin Electric Construction Industry and Trading Inc. Co.

Armin Electric Construction Industry and Trading Inc. Co. was founded in Ankara in 2000. It started its activities with the aim of undertaking all kinds of domestic and international electrical infrastructure, electrical installations and equipment of construction and industrial facilities and the related business lines and providing materials.

Our company has maintained its continuous development and grown with the quality it has provided to both individuals and legal entities it has made business and working principle based on the basis of trust since its establishment.

Armin Electric successfully undertakes many turnkey projects, from the preparation of the project to the commissioning and subsequent maintenance of the investments in the fields of electromechanical and superstructure electrical works, energy transmission-production, catenary, highway lighting, energy distribution, signal and telecommunication. In this context, Armin Electric always acts with a focus on change and development in the preparation of electrical and automation projects, material and equipment supply, production, assembly, commissioning and maintenance as well as carrying out important projects with its engineers and other technical staff.

Armin Electric aims to become an innovative and leading company in electrical engineering services, with the slogan “We Are Everywhere with the Power We Get from Nature”. By increasing its experience and reputation in its commercial life, it works to share this experience with a wider audience.

In the upcoming years, our company, which grows its goals day by day, will continue to increase its success it has had in the past 20 years by taking its competitive power in domestic and foreign markets from the quality policy in its works and from the satisfaction of you, our customers, with its innovative subsidiaries under its roof to become a pioneer in its field.


To be a reliable, environmentally and humanly sensitive, respected organization that pioneers the sector in the domestic and international markets, with the solution-oriented, innovative and sustainable principle we have adopted by increasing the efficiency and productivity of our company with our competent staff and work experience in every field we operate.


To be a “permanent” brand that breaks grounds by creating differences in the national and international arena.

What We Do?

Our company, which continuously expands its fields of activity in order to meet the increasing demand, exists in many areas within the scope of electronic and communication works, especially electricity. Considering the growth potential in the public and private sectors, Armin Electric continues its activities in a way to provide engineering, procurement and contracting services to its target markets by seizing investment opportunities.

High Voltage Systems

Low Voltage Systems

Industrial Automation and Process Control Systems

Catenary Systems and Telecommunication Systems

Armin Electric prioritizes sustainability and efficiency issues in its consultancy services prepared and provided at international standards. Our company, which strengthens its staff day by day with qualified technical staff, software and hardware aims to be a leader in project design and implementation by preparing projects in accordance with regulations, legislations and technical standards for all sectors operating and establishing electricity transmission and distribution grids.