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Ankara High Speed Train Station Complex Construction Work

The facility, which has a total area of ​​370,000 m2, was completed as of October 2016 and started to operate actively.

Electrical work

As the subcontractor of Gülermak-Kolin Train Station Construction Partnership, all of the materials belonging to the High Voltage and Low Voltage installations of 13 buildings were supplied in accordance with the definitions and standards given in the Technical Specification and the whole work was carried out. All materials belonging to the facility were delivered to the construction site, and procedures such as labor, assembly, testing and acceptance were carried out. As-built projects were prepared and put into service, and the complete electrical works were completed and delivered to the main contractor.

Building Grounding System works

As the subcontractor of Gülermak-Kolin Train Station Construction Partnership, Grounding installation, operation and control of alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) electrical equipment with less than 100 Hz were performed. In order to ensure the safety of life and property and protect it from lightning, the TN-S grounding system was installed and delivered in a way that the ground line resistance value was below “2 Ω”.

Catenary System Works

As the subcontractor of Gülermak-Kolin construction partnership, Turkey’s first high-speed rail heavy maintenance workshop, Ankara Station Complex, was constructed and overhead line catenary system was installed in a way that 41 roads and 1 loop line were ready for operation. In order to carry out the maintenance and control of the trains in the building, a rigid catenary system with 6 ways of which can be folded and 3 ways of which are fixed were installed. All tests and acceptances of the 33 km catenary line were completed and delivered to the TCDD Construction Department.

Substation, Energy Transmission Line and 154 / 34.5 kV Additional Transformer Works

As the subcontractor of Gülermak-Kolin Train Station Construction Partnership, 2 * (3 × 1272 MCM) + OPGW Energy Transmission Line and installation were built from the existing TEİAŞ line to the newly built Transformer Station. The design of the transformer substation with 14 catenary output feeders, which has 154 / 27.5 kV, 2 units of 50 MVA and 1 unit of 16 MVA transformer, 154 / 34.5 kV for the internal needs of the station complex, has been designed. Excavation, filling and compaction, construction and steel assembly, primary assembly, secondary cabling, tests and commissioning were completed on a turnkey basis. TCDD and TEİAŞ made the acceptances.

Telecommunication, Transmission and Weak Current Systems Installation Works

The communication infrastructure, SDH and switchboard systems required for the uninterrupted, sound and data transfer of the administrative buildings within the maintenance area have been established. In addition to these, many systems that fall under the scope of weak current systems such as fire alarm system, card pass system, sound recording system and CCTV camera systems have been installed and put into operation.

Installation of Signal Energy Supply System and Grounding Works of the Equipment Belonging to the Signaling System

Ground connections of all equipment belonging to the signaling systems installed in the maintenance area were made. The energy required for energizing the equipment and activating the signaling system was provided from the catenary service transformer. The energy was connected to the control units of the signaling system by connecting it with the panels, stabilizers and transformers installed in the power room.