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Ankara- Istanbul High-Speed Train Project Phase II Vezirhan - İnönü Section II Karaköy Station Karaköy Transformer Center and Karagözler Transformer Center 154 kV Connection Lines and High-Speed Train Catenary Portal Connections

Our company, as the subcontractor of CROC, has completed all excavation, filling and compression, construction, steel assembly, primary assembly, secondary cabling and testing and commissioning works on turnkey basis and completed the acceptance of transformer centers by TCDD and TEİAŞ.

Improvement of the Grounding System of the Line within the Scope of Gebze - Köseköy Line Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Work within the Scope of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed Train Project

At approximately 90 grounding stations, strengthening the return conductor connections, replacing the electric terminals connecting the conductors to each other, renewing the existing electrode connection terminals in the grounding station and adding additional electrodes if necessary, improvement works were carried out in the grounding network to which the grounding station is connected.