Soma Kolin Thermal Power Plant Construction Work

2x255 Mw Soma Thermal Power Plant Construction Work: Electricity, Instrumentation and Automation Installation Works of Units and Systems

Infrastructure, assembly and connection works of electricity, industrial control/automation, closed circuit monitoring system, communication, fire extinguishing and lighting systems of Soma Kolin Thermal Power Plant project with lignite fuel and an installed power of 510 MW constructed by Hidro-Gen A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kolin Group of Companies, within the borders of Soma district of Manisa province were carried out by our company. The project has been divided into 3 main parts as main power generation system and the BOP (Balance of Plant) system, which will ensure the balanced operation of this system, and a 15-kilometer transport system that brings the coal to be used in the plant and takes the ash formed after the production. The main power unit that provides electricity generation in the project consists of 2 steam boilers, 2 steam turbines and a generator set. The engineering and production of the steam turbine and generator set was carried out by Siemens AG in Germany. The Soma Kolin Thermal Power Plant, which will represent the highest level in terms of technology, produces at least 3,266 billion kWh of electricity per year. The project was completed by us as of April 2019 and started to work actively.