TCDD Kayseri Northern Crossing Variant (Signalization, Telecommunication and Electrification) Supply Works


Within the scope of (Infrastructure, Superstructure and Signalization-Telecommunication and Electrification) project, Catenary Project and Catenary Pole Foundations Manufacturing Work and Kayseri North Crossing Variant project, designing the project for catenary pole foundations of the line and foundation excavation, core installation, concrete casting works were completed and delivered to the contractor in full according to the project.

Installation of Signal Energy Supply System and Grounding of Equipment for Signaling System

Displacement projects of infrastructure facilities belonging to Electricity and Telecom were prepared and approved. The old lines were removed by displacement work and a new line was built in its place. All equipment installations of the signaling system, all kinds of wiring, cable splices, technical indoor cabin assemblies, grounding, switch motor assemblies, rail circuit assembly works, measurement and termination works were completed.