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TUSAŞ Composite Production Building Project

Within the scope of the TUSAŞ B420 Composite Production Building project, a total of 11 transformers and 37.1MVA installed power were installed in 4 transformer substations. Energy reliability was increased with 2 dynamic power ups of 2500 KVA that provide uninterrupted energy to the critical loads of the facility during the production process. The Scada system was established and successfully commissioned for the monitoring and control of all MV and LV installations of the facility. A total of 8 km of power and 3.5 km of lighting busbars were installed in the facility, where all low voltage power distribution was provided with a busbar system. In the project in which smart building management system (BMS) was used, a total of 400 km automation, data and communication cables were installed, lighting automation system (DALI) controlling 5800 LED lighting fixtures, card pass system, personnel tracking system with RFID technology, fire alarm system, CCTV system including 267 IP HD camera and emergency announcement systems were successfully installed and commissioned.