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Signaling Systems

  • Equipment Foundations Projects and Exercises
  • Horizontal Drilling and Under Rail Transition Projects and Exercises
  • Excavation, Canal and Pipe Laying
  • Manhole Manufacturing Projects and Exercises
  • Signal Cabling, Insertion and Measurement
  • Termination
  • Switch Motor Assemblies
  • Rail Circuit Assemblies
  • Equipment and Building Grounding
  • Sub-Closing
  • Technical Building Cabling and Cabinet Assemblies
  • Cabinet Terminations and Assemblies
  • Technical Building LV/MV Projects and Exercises
  • Technical Building Battery Groups Installation
  • Signaling Cable and Equipment Disassembly
  • Switch Motor Disassembly

Telecommunication Systems

  • Copper Access Network Distribution Projects and Exercises
  • Fiber Access Network Distribution Projects and Exercises
  • Indoor Installation Projects and Exercises
  • Intranet Projects and Exercises
  • Highway, Main Road and Railway Construction Telecom Displacement Works

CCTV Systems

  • Camera Pole Foundations and Pole Assembly
  • Manhole manufacturing and assembly
  • Cabling, termination and measurements of Fiber Optic, Cat and power cables
  • Cabinet assemblies
  • Energy Cabinet transformer assemblies
  • Control room equipment installations