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Energy Transmission Lines

Regarding energy transmission lines, the assembly of the requested elements within the scope of the project is carried out by us using the latest technologies.

Cell Systems

Modular Switchgear systems are produced in different features according to demand. Our High Voltage Switchgears consist of 3 main blocks. It consists of three separate sections: Low Voltage Section, Breaker and Cable Section and Bus Section.

Distribution Centers

We produce different solutions for every need in energy distribution systems within the scope of high voltage electrical energy distribution solutions. We provide solutions to the demands of HV distribution centers or HV-LV transformer distribution centers with concrete, SCK series sheet metal, SMK and SPK series kiosks.

HV Substation Projects

Transformer centers are places where devices that take electricity from one or more high voltage power transmission lines and distribute it to subscribers. Transformer substations in two different forms are either air insulated open switchgear centers or closed and protected transformers insulated with SF6 gas installed in open or closed areas.

Switchgear Facilities - Transformers

The places where power transformers, bus bars, various equipment elements and breaker and disconnector elements used to connect these devices are together and where energy is collected and distributed are called switchgear facilities. As Armin, we are installing switchgear facilities.

Energy Generation and Synchronization - Power SCADA Centers

Central systems that control and monitor all sites are called SCADA systems. Armin Elektrik, which has made a name for itself as a field and organization related to energy topics and services for 20 years, is ambitious to back up energy generation, synchronization and power SCADA.