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Harmonic Filtration Systems

As Armin Elektrik, we offer economical and quality solutions for reactive power balancing and harmonic problems. We produce both active and passive filtration solutions.

Compensation Installation

We use the best products in our compensation solutions and project designs that are madea according to the need. Elements such as capacitors, conductors, switches, fuses, shunt and reactive power relays, current transformers and post insulators are used in our panels.

Low Voltage Distribution Installation

Our company, which also offers low voltage installations, offers solutions to meet all kinds of needs from panels to sockets.

Low Voltage Cable Tray Systems

You can reach a problem-free solution with the cable duct systems that we have designed considering the condition of the physical environment and the type and density of cables to be transported.

Internal and External Lighting Installation

We also offer solutions within the scope of indoor and outdoor lighting installations. With our experience, we determine the luminaires that will provide the best lighting with the highest quality and the most affordable costs.

Grounding Installation

With our grounding installation solutions, which are of vital importance, installations are made safer.

Lightning Protection Systems

We apply the best techniques and methods in our solutions for parotoner installations which made to protect against the harmful effects of lightning.

Busbar Distribution Systems

We install busbar distribution systems over prefabricated module systems for the distribution and transportation of electrical energy.

Panel Systems

We produce and design panels according to demand and need. Rated Voltage, Rated Current and other technical features are taken into consideration and panel production is made accordingly.

Diesel Generator Systems

Diesel generator systems, which have perfect running performance, will provide high performance to ensure the sustainability of electrical energy.