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As Armin Elektrik; Our most important principles are to provide the best quality service to all our customers, to always keep the quality standards at the highest level, to develop customer and development oriented business strategies, to provide our employees with the best working environment, to continue with a team that has adopted a transparent, fair and responsible team.

Why U.S?

20 Years of Experience

Many projects we have completed in our country and abroad have gained us a wide knowledge and experience.

High Standards

We deliver all of our projects at the highest standards. We strive to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our Core Values

In our digitalizing age, our most important values are to offer development and customer-oriented approaches, to have ethical behavior principles, to provide social responsibility and the best opportunities to our employees.

Expert staff

We have a highly predictive team that is specialized in its field, has a dynamic and solution-generating mentality, has adopted ethical values and our corporate culture. We continue to grow confidently with our team that has these values.

Quality policy

We prioritize quality, continuity and trust criteria in all the projects we work with. We deliver the works we receive in the best quality and display a customer-oriented approach.

Social responsibility

In all our projects, protecting the environment, not harming the ecological balance, protecting natural resources, protecting historical and cultural artifacts, supporting and contributing to the education of people are among our most important social responsibility principles.