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Occupational health and safety and environmental protection activities are the top priority for Armin. Armin Electric carries out all its activities with the awareness of “Protecting human health, preventing environmental pollution is the responsibility of the state and citizens.” We act with the goal of creating the necessary awareness and culture on occupational health and safety issues in all our employees including senior management and with the belief that all occupational accidents and occupational diseases are preventable. Our company has adopted the principle of prioritizing the protection of human life, environment, natural resources and the existence of a livable environment in better conditions.

All activities in the fields of quality, efficiency and cost are conducted with respect to occupational health, safety and environment. Our company has shown that the increase in energy and material consumption will not cause an increase in the production of waste and pollution in the projects it has carried out so far.

Our goals as Armin Electric

Our goals as Armin Electric are to carry out the practices required by occupational health and safety in the best way, to ımplement all projects and activities in accordance with all legal regulations related to OHS and the environment, to minimize the occurrence of occupational accidents, to place OHS and environmental protection awareness in both our work and our working relations, to protect the environment while conducting our projects, to prevent the formation of waste and pollution, to adopt the principle that Occupational Health and Safety improvement activities are the common responsibility of all employees.