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Ajyal Housing project of Saudi Aramco

Ajyal Housing project of Saudi Aramco is an infrastructure project of which construction started in South Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and received an award in the Middle East.

In addition to winning the Envision silver award, the Ajyal housing project will bring a range of environmental, social and economic benefits to living communities.

The general objectives of the Ajyal Community Development project include;

  • Considering the pedestrian and bicycle paths, a high quality of life and public spaces and landscaping for residents are considered.
  • It is a leading project in economic, social and environmental aspects, as well as in land use and environmental design.
  • Infrastructure applications are smartly positioned to serve daily needs; future growth plans have also been taken into account.
  • It has created opportunities in this previously barren region in terms of commercial and residential development.
  • It is aimed to use resources efficiently, including energy, water and materials during construction and throughout the operational life of the project.

For electrical infrastructure works;

  • 000 mt medium voltage cable
  • 500 mt low voltage cable
  • 278 medium voltage breakers
  • 270 pieces of medium-low voltage distribution transformers
  • 1531 low voltage panels will be used.

At the same time as Armin;

  • 9 wastewater pump stations
  • 2 drinking water pump stations
  • Electrical works of 7 irrigation water pumping stations are carried out by us.

Disassembly and displacement of 35,000 meters of the 13.8KV overhead transmission line passing through the project area will be carried out by our company.