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Akdeniz Electricity Distribution Inc. Co. Works

Within the scope of the lighting work of the Finike-Sahilkent-Elmalı highway, which was taken into the investment plan by the AKDENİZ EDAŞ Investment Directorate in 2017, excavation, filling, cable assembly, 136 lighting poles assembly works were carried out and 2 transformer centers were installed and put into operation in the central refuge lighting facility work on the 4.5 km route by our company, and their acceptance to TEDAŞ was carried out completely. In addition, the poles of AKDENİZ EDAŞ with pigeon conductor (3/0) Kundu energy transmission line that have completed its economic life were removed and the new energy transmission line poles with 477 mcm conductor were installed in their places, and the acceptance of the facility to TEDAŞ was completed and delivered to AKDENİZ EDAŞ.