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AKM (M4) - Kızılay Line Construction and Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Electromechanical Systems

The electrical works of three stations, namely Train Station, Courthouse and Kızılay, respectively, of the 3.65 km long line between Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) and Kızılay Stations, which is the continuation of the Keçiören metro line (M4), was completed by us in September 2019 and the accessibility will be increased.

Armin Electric Construction Industry and Trading Inc. Co. conducts the following works regarding these stations:

  • Supply and installation of low voltage panel-switchgear materials
  • Station lighting installations
  • Pulling and connection of all power cables
  • Earthing of AC and DC equipment
  • Cabling of all weak current systems such as Voice Over, Door Monitoring, CCTV, Telephone-Data
  • Installation, cabling and commissioning works of the Fire Alarm system.