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Bilajari Maintenance Center Modernization

Bilajari Train Maintenance Center is about 10 km from Baku city center. The Bilajari Maintenance Center is of key importance in terms of ensuring the continuity of the freight and passenger locomotives operating between Baku and Russia.

Electric and Diesel Locomotives are maintained in Bilajari Train Maintenance Center. The maintenance center was fed with the old 3 kV DC voltage as in Azerbaijan. Electrification Modernization design and 25 kV AC system manufacturing of the Maintenance Center was carried out by Armin A.Ş. in the second half of 2019. The modernized lines were put into operation by giving energy in January 2020. Design and Manufacture was made in accordance with EN Standards and delivered to Azerbaijan railways.

Maintenance Center line length is 3.5 km, total inner roads length is 7 km. Within the Maintenance Center, there is a Modernized Maintenance building and a Material Depot building.

Maintenance / repair operations have been continuing at the Maintenance Center since February 2020.