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Extension of 154/33 kV Pekmezli Substation Extension Work (GAP)

With the 12th Regional Directorate of TEİAŞ, “154/33 kV Pekmezli TM Extension Work (GAP)” is carried out by us.

Construction works;

Construction of a 2-storey Metal Clad Building with a basement floor for cable gallery and rooms where the Internal Requirement transformers will be placed and metal clad cells, Device and Pylon foundations of a newly installed Transformer Feeder and Cable Trays construction and steel installation, Renovation of cable canals in the existing switchgear, transformer foundations and field crushed stone in accordance with TEİAŞ Approved Projects and the renovation of the existing control building are continuing.

Electrical works;

Supply and installation of 154/33 kV 100 MVA Power Transformer, 2 Auxiliary Service Transformers (250 kVA, Dry Type), 154 kV Shunt Capacitor Bank, Control and Relay Panels and Field Distribution Boxes in accordance with the General Technical and Installation Specifications and the projects approved by TEIAS, as well as MV XLPE cable drawing, primary assembly and secondary cabling works in compliance with the requirements of EKAT OG cable laying are ongoing.