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Kayseri 4th Stage Rail Transport System Construction Works Anafartalar-HST Tram Line Construction and Vehicle Supply, Assembly and Commissioning Work with Electromechanical Systems

This project, which is considered as an extension of the existing Tram Line in the city, is a preferred rail system by taking advantage of the ease of transportation and the width of the city.

This system, which is planned to be built for a total of 15 km, is planned to be put into test use in 2022 and put into active use by the public in 2023.

Although our Tramway business, which is taken with the Kolin-Uzka partnership, depends on an easier assembly system than the HST Projects at Armin, it is one of the primary works that we carry out in terms of tramway construction.

It is a structure that does not require high voltage such as HST and Conventional lines, and therefore no return conductor will be used like other projects we have undertaken for the construction of grounding systems.

Depending on our existing equipment and team capacity, we aim to complete the Tramway Project without any problems after a quality assembly.