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Konya-Polatlı Electrification Maintenance

Double-line catenary systems (in accordance with EN50317, EN50119, EN50124, EN50125 and related standards) between Polatlı (000) – Konya (213 + 284), Line1 – Line2 and Line3-Line4 catenary systems, which are suitable for the operating speed determined by the Employer, Konya Station region 4 Transformer Substations, Kocahacılı, Çayırbaşı, Gözlü and Aşağıpınarbaşı, which feed the High Speed ​​Train lines, 4 Neutral zones, 5 siding, 2 Traction

Post, Neutral zone and scada equipment and the 25000/220Volt auxiliary service transformers used to supply energy from the High Speed ​​Train catenary system between Polatlı-Konya (including maintenance responsibility service transformer and the catenary line side and the 220V side is up to the transformer outlet plug), maintenance, repair, measurement and test works of the enclosure grounding, any malfunctions and damages is the responsibility of our company.