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Northern Marmara Topside Structure Electrical and Instrumentation Works

The scope of our project is the installation of the Electrical and Instrumentation works on the Off-Shore Platform, which is a part of the BOTAŞ Northern Marmara Underground Gas Storage Facility works. All facilities in the field will be Ex-proof (protected against explosion).

In detail, the scope consists of the following items;

  1. Cable tray support manufacturing and cable tray installation 2. Cabling 3. Lighting System and Field Sockets Installation 4. Motor connections 5. Manufacture and installation of instrument supports 6. Junction Box assembly 7. Tubing assembly and pressure tests 8. CCTV installation 9. Fire Alarm System Installation 10. Nav Aids System Installation 11. Bird repellent system installation 12. Unauthorized Entry Systems 13. Emergency Generator Installation 14. Heat Tracing wiring and terminations.